Managing Attorney Paul Berger on Roof
Miami Herald, April 12, 2008

Get the Money you deserve

According to Fox News Harvey and Irma survivors need food, water, shelter – and a lawyer.*  In fact studies have shown that claims in events such as Hurricane Irma are routinely underpaid by 50% or more.  Claim underpayments have allowed insurance carriers to show record profits over the last several years.  At the Hurricane Law Group, our job is to protect your interest and to make sure that you recover the full amount that you are owed under your policy.  We know how to value your loss, we know your rights under the policy and most importantly we know how to get your claim paid

What makes the Hurricane Law Group unique is that not only are we your lawyers, we also act as your adjuster.  We know how to accurately value your loss and can determine the amount you are owed under your policy.  Unlike most lawyers, we will come to your house or business, inspect your loss and estimate your loss.  We don’t sit behind a desk, we prefer to be on your roof.  Would your lawyer climb up on your roof? Best of all when you need a zealous advocate in the courtroom, we are there as well.