The Hurricane Law Group and our founder have appeared on all major television networks and in a wide variety of newspapers and online publications.  For more than a dozen years we have been a leading source of information on hurricanes and consumer rights to media outlets.


Below is an assortment of a few articles that we have appeared in throughout the years:

Insurers Face Class Actions Over Hurricane Damage

Lawyers chase storms, clients: As the wind dies down, help arrives for property owners: not FEMA, but lawyers who pursue insurance claims.

The 2005 And 2004 Hurricane Seasons Weren’t Easy On Florida. Here Are 5 Stories Of Hope And Survival.

Hurricane Law Group Alleges Florida Withheld Consumers’ Mediation Options

Dumped by home insurer after a disaster?

Insurers pay price for Sandy’s downgrade

Hurricane Travel Season: How to Cope With Canceled Flights & Interrupted Cruises

Deadline for Hurricane Wilma claims is Oct. 24