Hurricanes cause significant damage to commercial properties and business operations. Getting your business back on track is difficult after revenue loss and business interruption. Hurricane Law Group’s experienced team takes over the complex claim so you can focus on day to day operations.

What’s typically covered?

Commercial property policies normally require specific “riders” or endorsements to cover commercial properties and businesses after a hurricane. Some policies bundle all insurance coverages together.
Depending on the specific policy, the building, furnishings, fixtures, supplies, equipment and inventory are typically afforded coverage. Ongoing business expenses, business interruption and loss of revenue may be covered.

How can you help maximize your recovery?

Knowing the current value of your damaged property goes a long way in helping the carrier evaluate a claim.
Providing detailed financial records, obtaining appraisals, having video and photographic evidence, showing receipts, providing inventories and estimates all help prove your claim.
Cooperating with the carrier’s investigation expedites the claims process. This includes prompt and detailed reporting of the claim.

We can Help

Our goal is to maximize your recovery under your policy to get your business back to full operation. We focus on the claim which allows you to focus on your business.
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